What is Take-Home Whitening?

Whether you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or you’re just unhappy with your smile, take-home whitening is an easy and effective way to achieve professional-quality results. Take-home whitening is made just for you, as we’ll create the trays that you’ll use according to impressions taken in our office. Whitening can eliminate years of stains and deep discoloration that is causing your smile to look dulled and yellow. Take-home whitening is ideal for patients who want to whiten their teeth professionally in the comfort of their own homes.

Why is Take-Home Whitening needed?

You may want to whiten your teeth because you’re unhappy with your smile or you’re planning a special event like a wedding, graduation or reunion. You might choose our take-home option because you’d rather not have to sit in the office for the same treatment. You can easily and successfully whiten your teeth while doing chores at home or when catching up on your favorite shows. The take-home whitening system uses professional-quality ingredients that are meant to whiten teeth up to 10 to 14 shades.

Who’s a candidate for Take-Home Whitening?

Whitening typically only works to lighten natural teeth. It may not be effective on restorations that you currently have, like veneers, crowns, bridgework, or fillings. You should have been to see a dentist at least once in the past year in order to be a good candidate for take-home whitening. This process is ideal for older teens and adults wanting a brighter, whiter smile that they can feel confident in.

What can you expect with Take-Home Whitening?

You will come into our office for impressions. These impressions are then used to create trays that form fit specifically to your mouth and teeth. We will provide you with important instructions and a whitening gel that is used in conjunction with the trays. You will need to wear these trays with the whitening gel at home for a specified amount of time. Treatment typically takes about two weeks, and it is important that you follow through each day with wearing your whitening trays in order to achieve the results that you want. You can expect teeth that are multiple shades whiter than before you started, and we can monitor your results in our office.

If you are interested in our take-home whitening options, call our office today and one of our friendly staff members can assist you.

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