Gum Lifting

Gum lifting is the process of removing gum tissue, exposing more enamel of the teeth for a whiter and brighter smile. Oftentimes, patients complain of a gummy mouth, which can be managed with a gum-lifting procedure.

With a local anesthetic, we use a laser or cutting tool to reshape the gum line, removing any excess that impedes healthy teeth. We make sure to not expose the roots of the teeth, keeping the nerves intact and healthy. The results of gum lifting are immediate and very profound so you can show off your smile soon after the procedure.

Often described as a “gummy smile” many patients complain about the excessive amount of gum tissue beneath the upper lip. A variety of factors contribute to it including the amount of gum tissue, the size and shape of teeth, the degree of movement in the upper lip, and the position of the upper jaw. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent the presence of a gummy smile, so a procedure is necessary if you would like to avoid it.

Our mission is to reduce the appearance of the gum tissue to create a smile you’re proud of. If you feel the size of your teeth is disproportionate to the amount of gum tissue in your mouth, you may be a great candidate for lifting. Our team ensures a pleasant experience that’s as comfortable as possible with results that last forever.

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