What is Fixed Dental Bridge Work?

A fixed dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth without the need for surgery or removable appliances. The bridge is attached to the two surrounding teeth and a fake tooth, known as a pontic, is in the middle of the restoration. The pontic sits on top of the gums, giving the illusion that there is an actual tooth in that area. If you aren’t eligible for implant surgery or don’t want a dental implant, bridge work is the next best option.

Why would you need a Fixed Dental Bridge?

You may be told that you need a fixed dental bridge if you’re missing one or more teeth. The bridge works similarly to a dental crown, but it contains more teeth on the actual restoration itself. Fixed dental bridges are great for patients who don’t want implants or can’t have dental implants placed. You may opt for a bridge in comparison to a partial denture, which isn’t permanently placed in the mouth.

What makes you a good candidate for a Fixed Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges require absolutely no surgery to place. This makes it a fantastic option for patients who aren’t eligible for more invasive surgical procedures. To determine if a bridge is right for your smile, you’ll come in and have a consultation with Dr. Sheth. Dr. Sheth will examine your teeth and will be able to decipher if you would benefit from a fixed dental bridge. Dental bridges are made using high-quality, realistic materials that are meant to last for years without needing full replacement.

What happens during the procedure for a Fixed Dental Bridge?

You’ll receive anesthetic in the area that will be having the fixed bridge placed. The two surrounding teeth, known as the abutments, will be smoothed and filed down to make room for the restoration. Impressions are taken only of that area of the mouth and used for both the temporary fixed bridge as well as the actual permanent. You’ll go home the same day with a temporary fixed bridge and come back in for the permanent to be placed after it’s been made in a local dental laboratory. The bridge can last for longer than a decade with proper care and dental hygiene.

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